CamHam Office Furniture… we love a challenge!

CamHam Office Furniture… we love a challenge!

The world of office furniture in which Camham dwells isn’t one that inhabits rectangular rooms waiting to be filled with desks and chairs bought with an unlimited budget. And in truth, we’re not even sure we’d dream of such a project – though we’d never say no to anyone. No, the CamHam world of office furniture is actually far more interesting than that, and far more closely aligned with the world of our customers and their businesses.

Take TDS Ltd for example. A thriving business, operating across multiple sites, with one located in Wellingborough that has recently been purchased. They needed to get their new location up and running quickly, but they didn’t just want to roll up to any old office furniture supplier and buy the first thing they saw. The property has character. The business is successful. Both these elements needed to be conveyed through their furniture. The brief was brief… but not run of the mill.

  • Old property
  • Tight budget
  • Office furniture that needs to match the character and quality of the business

How did this office furniture project go?

Well, we reckon their own words sum it up…

 “After buying an old property in Wellingborough we didn’t want to fill it with modern pieces or blow the budget, but needed something with character and quality at a reasonable price.  After trawling round various websites and shops, we finally found CamHam, after having a look round Mitch’s warehouse and going through our requirements we soon realised he was the man for the job.  Very helpful, if he hadn’t got what you were looking for he would find one, the lads who delivered the furniture were very friendly and assembled it all in no time – We would definitely recommend using CamHam, and have ourselves been back to buy additional pieces as the need has arisen.” Director - TDS Ltd

Furniture for thought…

So, what do we draw from this? Well, obviously we’re chuffed to bits at receiving such a glowing testimonial. But actually it means more to us than ‘just’ that. You see, this bit of feedback really gets to the nub of what we at CamHam Office Furniture aspire to achieving. It seems a bit trite if we say we want to offer a great selection of office furniture at great prices, backed by superb customer service… because that’s what everyone says. But it’s true, we do want that. So when a customer not only then confirms that that’s exactly what we do, but comes back again and again, and also recommends us, then we reckon we’re getting it right.

With that said, therefore, as you already know we’re fond of a bit of fun as well as a challenge, and we thought it might be a nice idea to get a bit of cross-SME supporting and cheering going on. So this is what we propose…

Why not share your challenges/successes (and fun failures, if you so desire) with us on our Facebook page? A quick sentence or two of how you’ve overcome a problem for a customer, or tackled a tough brief, is all that’s needed. We’ll help you spread the word! Let’s get our contacts chattering together about the challenges they’ve faced. And between us let’s swap some stories…

And in the meantime, if you’re faced with the challenge of tracking down new office furniture, let us take that challenge on for you. It’s what we love to do!