Office Furniture for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Office Furniture for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Last week we started our blog series on the different types of customer CamHam Office Furniture has across the Midlands, and beyond. We kicked things off by looking at home offices, and this week we’re going to have a look at the specific sector of education.

We’re in the fortunate position of being able to say we’ve supplied office furniture to both schools and universities. And what struck us most about these establishments is that they’re packed with busy people, fitting a lot in to a short period of time. Education isn’t unique in this, of course, but it certainly pressed the point home. And what was more, it was clear that each enquiry had a particular set of requirements that needed to be squeezed into a tight budget…

And this is what they told us after each project:

We offer a great selection of office furniture

It’s true, we do. We’ve taken a lot of time picking the office furniture ranges we sell. We recognise that office buildings vary in shape, room size and character, and aim to offer a selection to satisfy most variations.

Affordable but good quality

Yup! Let’s face it, budget is always on the mind of an office manager. But it’s a fine line, isn’t it? Budget vs quality. Well, from what o  ur customers have kindly told us – our office furniture ranges tick both boxes!

Delivered & installed in a short timescale

No one will deny that forward planning is a useful strategy to employ in a business. However, sometimes it’s more a nice-to-have when it comes to needing office furniture. Flooding, supplier failures, breakage… all these things can mean that the purchase of a new office desk and chairs becomes urgent. At CamHam, we understand a swift and efficient solution is important, and that’s what we deliver. Don’t ask us, ask our customers!

Loved the direct personal contact and follow-up  

Actually, the phrase our customers have often used is “Nothing is too much trouble…”

Understood our business needs and matched them to a product and price

Small and medium sized businesses across the Midlands have turned to us when other suppliers have failed. We understand what a business needs both functionally as well as aesthetically. We aim to excel in both.

We would definitely use again

And that’s the most important phrase we hear again and again. It says it all really, as far as we’re concerned.

And in case you think we’re making it all up, here are a couple of testimonials we’ve had from customers in the education sector recently.

“We contacted a number of potential suppliers, and CamHam provided the quickest and most personalised response.  Mitch established our needs in a friendly and efficient way, matched it to a product at a price we could afford, and ensured rapid delivery.  The direct, personal contact was valued, as was the follow-up – we shall certainly be using CamHam again!” Sir Roger Manwood’s School

“CamHam's service to the University of Buckingham was excellent. Nothing was too much trouble and the furniture supplied was exactly what we wanted.” University of Buckingham

So, if you work in the education sector, either in the Midlands or further afield, and like the sound of the service we offer providing office furniture… then please do get in touch.