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5 ways office interiors can make a difference to your business…

When the weather’s been as good as it has been, motivation to keep working can be on a bit of a low. We’re all human. It’s just how it is. We confess, even we’ve been looking longingly outside across Northampton and beyond, dreaming of beaches, sangria, and air conditioning.

Office chairs – What mix do you need?

You’re probably thinking office chairs are just office chairs, and that’s it. People sit on them. People work from them. They slide under desks at the end of the day. But you know what? Actually, picking the right office chairs for each job role matters.

Our used office furniture offering is a side to our business in which we take great pride. For some time now we’ve realised just how much of the leg work it means we can do for our customers, if they’re contemplating not buying new.

Workplace desks - how to pick the right design…

Workplace desks are the mainstay of any office – whether that’s in a purpose built and designed office or a spare room in your home. But picking the right one isn’t just about cost, or even size… it’s about how you’re going to use it.

CanHam’s office clearance service… making your move smooth

So… you’re moving offices. Business is growing and it’s an exciting time. The last thing you are thinking about at the moment is the need for an office clearance service, but the one thing you do know is that you don’t want to have to do it all by yourself. Take heart, you don’t need to.

5 Great Benefits of Bespoke Office Furniture

Bespoke office furniture is often ignored as an option because it’s discounted immediately as too expensive. And we’re not going to shy away from the fact that it does cost a little more than a standard solution.