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Milton Keynes: Perfect for start-ups and home based businesses

Thought of as a ‘new town’, it might not surprise you to learn that Milton Keynes was actually designed to nurture new businesses. Now, obviously, there are some big names associated with Milton Keynes, such as Argos, Domino’s Pizza and Mercedes-Benz.

Used Office Furniture in Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes has a reputation for being environmentally focused, and we reckon used office furniture does too. So, we thought it high time we concentrated a bit on just how businesses in Milton Keynes can support the ethos of their town, and save a few pounds at the same time…

Yes… There are office furniture shops in Northampton!

It seems such a specialised thing, doesn’t it? Because we’re not just talking about general furniture shops in Northampton, we’re talking about office furniture shops in Northampton. But there are businesses that specialise in this niche… and CamHam is one of them!

3 Must-Have Office Computer Accessories

There is so much focus is on remote working these days that we often forget many still slog out their daily grind by going into an office and slaving away at a desk.

The Fabulous Benefits of Lockable Office Cabinets

It’s a basic truth that businesses need office cabinets (aka. filing cabinets). Every office should have storage in order to keep paperwork organised and easily accessible. Cupboards, filing systems, even shelving units, bring order to chaos.

Whether you’re hosting a corporate function at a hospitality venue, in your own office, or at an exhibition, getting the office furniture layout right will make or break the success of your event. There are so many things to consider:

The Boardroom Table – It means business!

So what actually makes a boardroom a boardroom? We don’ think anyone can answer that question without making reference to the main piece of furniture – the boardroom table.

Local Focus: Office Supplies in Northampton

As many of you will know already, we’re an office supplies business based in Northampton. Our journey began with office furniture, and then expanded to office supplies and accessories last year; and it’s been a superb addition to our offering.

Office desks for the home

Running a business from home can be a fabulously convenient win/win situation. But you have to have the fundamentals in place for this to be the case.