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Muddles, mess and disorganised desks…

Messy desks are the scourge of many an office manager. You look across the room at the end of each day and see certain desks littered with mugs, piles of paper, and stationery. And it’s always the same ones, whilst others are pristine and clear. So what’s a weary office warden to do?

Executive desks: When you need to take things up a notch…

Executive desks are an excellent addition to an office, but what makes an executive desk different from an ordinary office desk? Well, we all know that the office furniture a business chooses speaks volumes. And yes, executive desks are part and parcel of creating the right image.

5 signs it’s time for new office furniture

New office furniture is likely to be the last thing on your mind when you discover a competitor is treading on your territory. But it is the kind of thing that really helps to lift staff morale when they’re feeling the competitive cosh.

Changing habits with office cabinets…

Improving productivity with office cabinets… bet you wouldn’t have planned to put those two into a sentence together. But they work harmoniously when you think about it.

A functionally designed computer desk is now the mainstay of every office, whether that’s at home or at work. So we thought it would be a good idea to recap on the ideal features, bells and whistles to look out for when you’re researching for your next one.

CamHam cares about office chairs

If your staff have to deal with admin as part of their jobs, odds on they’ll be spending quite a bit of time at their desks. Getting the right office chairs, therefore, matters.

Milton Keynes: Perfect for start-ups and home based businesses

Thought of as a ‘new town’, it might not surprise you to learn that Milton Keynes was actually designed to nurture new businesses. Now, obviously, there are some big names associated with Milton Keynes, such as Argos, Domino’s Pizza and Mercedes-Benz.